100125: After the Affair

About the Course:

For married or cohabiting couples who want to rebuild their relationship after one partner had had an affair, this tough-minded, insightful manual will be eminently practical. Clinical psychologist Spring, writing with her husband, draws on 20 years of experience treating distressed couples as she explains how both the unfaithful partner and the betrayed one can confront their doubts and fears about recommitting, constructively communicate pain and anger, restore trust, renew sexual intimacy and forgive. In jargon-free prose, she urges both partners to probe the deeper meaning of the affair, to explore why it happened and to accept responsibility for it. Recognizing unstated assumptions held by oneself or one’s mate is an integral part of this process, and the authors include exercises, concise case studies and checklists of suggestions to guide readers through the difficult task of healing.


Janis Abrahams Spring, Ph.D.

About the Author:

Janis Abrahams Spring, Ph.D. has 27 years as a clinical psychologist. She has a private practice in Westport, Connecticut and deals largely with couples confronting infidelity issues. She is also a clinical supervisor in the Department of Psychology at Yale University.

Course Objectives:

  1. To offer exercises to facilitate the healing process

  2. To examine underlying assumptions that lead to infidelity as well as interfere with the healing process

  3. To explore the key concepts required to rebuild a relationship after an affair

  4. To identify common reactions to infidelity by both the unfaithful and hurt partners

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