Getting the Most Out of Clinical Training and Supervision

A Guide for Practicum Students and Interns

About the Course:

This course provides a detailed examination of clinical training and supervision to include discussion of purpose, methodology, supervisee expectations, and supervisor requirements. The course provides the reader opportunity to develop knowledge in the professional use of self, evidence-based practice concepts, therapeutic alliances and other major concepts related to clinical supervision. Both potential supervisees and clinical supervisors can benefit.

Publication Date:

1st Edition, 2011


Carol A. Falendar, PhD; Edward P. Shafranske, PhD, ABPP

About the Authors:

Dr. Falendar is an APA council representative and has co-authored two other books on clinical supervision.

Dr. Shafranske serves as professor of psychology, Muriel Lipsey Endowed Chair for Counseling and Clinical Psychology, and director of the PsyD program at Pepperdine University.

Recommended For:

This is a basic to early intermediate course intended primarily for psychologists entering supervision, internships, or practicums. In addition, this course provides appropriate information for counselors, social workers, and allied mental health professionals.

Course Objectives:

  1. Provide an understanding of the purpose of clinical supervision.

  2. Understand various models of clinical training and supervision.

  3. Explain the importance of evidence-based practice and its related concepts.

  4. Demonstrate methods for establishing supervisory relationship expectations.

  5. Understand the therapeutic alliance and methods to strengthen it.

  6. Improve practice competency through professional use of supervision.

  7. Understand appropriate application of the use of self in psychotherapy.

  8. Develop knowledge of the case conceptualization process.

  9. Identify and illustrate potential ethical dilemmas.

  10. Develop higher order self-evaluation skills for independent practice.

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