102029: Parent-Child Concordance in Reporting of Child Eating Disorder Pathology as Assessed by the Eating Disorder Examination

Volume 46 , Issue 6

About the Course:

The aim of this study was to examine parent-youth concordance in reporting of eating disorder pathology, as assessed by the Eating Disorder Examination (EDE) in a clinical paediatric sample.


Wiley Interscience Journal, International Journal of Eating Disorders

Publication Date:

September 2013


Paige Mariano, BPsych; Hunna J. Watson, PhD, MPsych(Clin); David J. Leach, MEPsych; Julie McCormack, MSc(Psych); David Forbes, MBBS, FRACP

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for psychologists who seek knowledge about detection and diagnosis of eating disorders. It is appropriate for an intermediate level of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the influence of age in the reporting of clinical symptoms.

  2. Describe the ways in which child self-report and parental reporting of clinical symptoms differ.

  3. Illustrate possible reasons behind the levels of concordance between child and parent reports.

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