Clinical Supervision of Work with RAMCOA: An Attachment-Based Perspective

About the Course:

The webinar is based on the presenter’s experience of providing consultative supervision to practitioners working with RAMCOA. It explores how the impact of work with deeply disturbing material poses unique challenges to the supervisory relationship, calls existing frameworks for practice into question and can be experienced as undermining of established competencies by both supervisor and supervisee. Using an attachment paradigm, the presentation defines supervision as a professional careseeking and caregiving relationship, the aim of which is to maintain emotional regulation, the capacity for exploration and fear-free caregiving. It considers common concerns such as boundaries, containment and ethical issues where clients are suffering on-going harm along with their potential for fearful defensive professional reactions, conflicts and dysregulation. Via an attachment-based conceptual framework, the webinar aims to make the supervision of work with RAMCOA more effective and manageable.

Publication Date:

October 14th, 2018


Sue Richardson, UKCP

Sue Richardson is a registered and accredited attachment-based psychotherapist in independent practice, providing therapy, training and supervision re complex trauma and dissociation to individuals and organisations. She has integrated over 40 years experience in the helping professions of the impact of childhood trauma, family breakdown and child protection issues into her current practice. Sue has specialised in work with adult survivors of complex trauma and dissociation since 1989.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explore an attachment–based perspective of the supervisory process with particular reference to RAMCOA

  2. Examine the impact of RAMCOA on professional caregiving and careseeking as both a supervisor and a supervisee.

  3. Consider challenges posed to the supervisory relationship and increase its effectiveness.

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