Facing Addiction in America: Chapter 7 - Vision for the Future

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The problems caused by substance misuse are not limited to substance use disorders, but include many other possible health and safety problems that can result from substance misuse even in the absence of a disorder. Prevention programs and policies that are based on sound evidence-based principles have been shown to reduce substance misuse and related harms significantly. Evidence-based behavioral and medication-assisted treatments (MAT) applied using a chronic- illness-management approach have been shown to facilitate recovery from substance use disorders, prevent relapse, and improve other outcomes, such as reducing criminal behavior and the spread of infectious diseases. A chronic-illness-management approach may be needed to treat the most severe substance use disorders.

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US Dept of Health and Human Services
Office of the Surgeon General
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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Clinicians, program administrators, health care administrators, prescribing providers, researchers, goverment officials. This course is appropriate for all levels of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Acknowledge that the best apporach to treat/prevent substance misuse is to realize a multi-faceted approach is the most effective.

  2. Identify the areas that can have a positive impact on substance misuse: schools, medical facilities, the criminal justice system, policy/law and research.

  3. Implement the necessary changes in schools, medical facilities, the criminal justice system, policy/law and research to facilitate preventative interventions, treatment, amd improved access to treatment.

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