From Conflict to Resolution: Strategies for Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

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About the Course:

Learn the basics of conflict resolution and a ground-breaking comprehensive theory of emotional health, psychopathology, and treatment. Dr. Heitler’s book makes therapy more efficient by clearly mapping out the journey from upsetting conflict to resolution and relief. She proposes a conflict-focused diagnostic system with clear treatment guidance. You will learn the skills, attitudes, and three major steps necessary for conflict to proceed to resolution. Dr. Heitler proposes that psychopathology occurs when people detour off the path of constructive conflict resolution. The book describes the specific detours characterizing each of the syndromes that therapists commonly treat: depression, anxiety reactions, anger, addictive patterns, and family conflicts.


Heilter, Susan, Ph.D.

Dr. Heitler, a graduate of Harvard, earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from NYU. She and her husband, married over 25 years, have enjoyed raising four children, now young adults. In addition to her clinical practice Dr. Heitler has taught on the adjunct faculty at the University of Denver School of Professional Psychology, continues to write books and articles, and travels nationwide presenting workshops on therapy skills for state psychological associations and mental health professional conferences.

Course Objectives:

  1. to be able to describe skills, attitudes, and major steps necessary for conflicts to proceed to resolution.

  2. to be able to describe specific types of detours from constructive conflict resolution that lead to common mental health problems.

  3. describe different kinds of interventions to guide patients through stages of conflict resolution..

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