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Course Category: Aging, Long Term Care

12 courses found.

Course ID Title Credits Format
102845 Evolution of Aging
(83 ratings)
1 Recorded Webinar
102765 Adverse Effects of Pharmacologic Treatments of Major Depression in Older Adults
(71 ratings)
9.5 Online
102743 Bereavement support for family caregivers: The gap between guidelines and practice in palliative care
(55 ratings)
1 Online
102741 State-of-the-science on prevention of elder abuse and lessons learned from child abuse and domestic violence prevention: Toward a conceptual framework for research
(66 ratings)
2.75 Online
102718 Death as a Part of Life
(185 ratings)
1 Online
102708 Assessing the Usability of Web-Based Alcohol Education for Older Adults-A Feasibility Study
(29 ratings)
1.75 Online
102705 Supported shared decision-making for older people with multiple health and social care needs: A realist synthesis
(57 ratings)
3 Online
102652 Art therapy and music reminiscence activity in the prevention of cognitive decline
(118 ratings)
2 Online
102404 Marijuana Use Among Adults 50 Years or Older in the 21st Century
(201 ratings)
1 Online
102402 Elder Abuse Severity : A Critical but Understudied Dimension of Victimization for Clinicians and Researchers
(59 ratings)
1 Online
102348 The Neuropsychological Profile of Alzheimer Disease
(117 ratings)
1 Online
101782 Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Older Adults
(1071 ratings)
3 Online

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